Nimbus Collective exists to celebrate creativity, inspire imagination and equip Gods church.
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Nimbus Collective is a group of Christians aiming to facilitate a culture of creativity, empower God’s church and inspire His people.

Nimbus Collective is formed of imaginative people who hope to draw others into using creativity to discover a deeper relationship with God.


Nimbus Collective was founded by Martha Shrimpton in 2016, bringing together her passion for creativity and her faith. As we are “made in the image of our maker”, it makes sense that we are all inheritors of His creative spirit too – “made to make”.

So, what would happen if our creativity, in whatever capacity it means to us personally, became an outpouring of worship in community life and our relationship with God?


Nimbus Collective aims to develop a culture of creativity in faith. By encouraging and inspiring people to “connect creatively with their maker”; we help participants discover innovative ways to explore relationship with God and tell His story.

The Nimbus Collective community consists of creative people with big imaginations; illustrators, actors, designers, writers, poets, bakers, gardeners and those who use their passions to worship God with a fearless pioneer spirit.


Nimbus Collective works alongside individuals, churches, education projects and Christian organisations in one off and ongoing projects. Through creating resources, delivering events and leading workshops, we aim to enhance and encourage creativity within worship, outreach, and in community.

We also provide consultancy, training and fresh creative inspiration for leadership teams.



The Nimbus Collective Creative Resource Hub houses a wealth of material to help you connect creatively with God. A new collection of resources will be released each month.

These will include videos, downloadable step by step guides to inspire you, practical workshops, creative prayer ideas and much more. We hope these resources will act as a spring board of inspiration for you, your church and your community.