What’s been happening with me…

The last few months for me have been full with a jam packed work schedule, which has been both fantastic and a little bit of a drain on my personal resources. I feel like I stumbled through the entrance of the Summer with a smile on my face but a bit of a limp on my leg too. As per any holiday, it’s taking me a while to relax into this one- maybe because I am still working through it, maybe because the change in rhythm is yet again another change to adjust to, or maybe just because… and that’s okay!

One thing I have noticed in myself though is the lack of creative space in my brain… Sadly, I spot this oh too often. Giving myself permission to carve out creative time or space to once again fill that tank can be a real challenge for me. Work and my to-do list often take centre stage at the top of my list… Why do we always demote the things we know we really need to the bottom?!

Step Outdoors…

However, over the last few weeks the simple act of stepping outside and being in nature has been just the elixir I’ve needed! Whether it has been the smell of the grass just after its been cut, the sound of the raindrops hitting my umbrella or the feeling of the warm sand underneath my feet- each simple thing filling my senses just helps me to stop and be.

God’s creation is the best inspiration we need when our own creative tanks are running low… Being outside among all the colours, smells and beauty can be just what we need in the moments that everything is up in the air and we simply need to reconnect with Him.

Nimbus Collective Summer Collection

If you’re the type of person who likes a little prompt of how to connect with God in these moments we have created some creative prayer resources to help you to focus on Him. You can download these for free in the Summer Collection on The Nimbus Creative Resource Hub on our website.

So, today I’m challenging you, wherever you’re at, to slow it down a little… step outdoors and get your fill!