Struggling to navigate your way through the festive season this year? Needing a few ideas of creative ways to reflect and connect with God? Need ideas of things to keep your children occupied during Christmas? We may be able to give you a hand!

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Here are 9 ways that you can use the resources from our Christmas Collection to help you out…

Perfect for personal reflection

1. “A JOURNEY OF DISCOVERY” is a short four part audio reflection for you to listen to as you go for a beautiful winter walk in your area. You will get creative prompts as different parts of your walk and are encouraged to listen to the sounds around you and tune into His voice. This is great if you love exploring nature and are looking for a little silence and solitude this season.

2. “24 CREATIVE PRAYER PROMTS” are exactly what they say on the tin… you will get 24 ideas of prompts to reflect upon and are encouraged to journal, draw or create around a theme. This is perfect if you need a little nudge in knowing what to pray about and taking time out to connect with God.

3. “ENLARGED IN THE WAITING” is an encouragement for you to start writing and creating your own poetry around a theme. This is a perfect activity to get you to take some time out and exercise your creative writing brain.

Great for Children

4. “CHRISTMAS DRAMA WORKSHOP” is a 20 minute drama workshop based around the Christmas story. It will encourage your children to think about the different characters that we meet during the Christmas story and they will be lead through character and drama activities to create their own version of the story.

5. “CHRISTMAS EARLY YEARS WORKSHOP” is a 15 minute creative workshop using music, movement and drama to explore the Christmas story and themes of light. This is perfect for younger children who enjoy moving and singing.

Practical Creativity

6. “CHRISTMAS CAKE AND CONTEMPLATE” will challenge your baking skills to make a delicious Christmas cake with some reflections to go along with each step. This is a lovely activity to do as a family and make together or by yourself to be used as a time to connect creatively with your Maker.

7. “BEHIND THE DOOR- PHOTOGRAPHIC CALENDER” It may be nearly the end of advent, however this is a great creative activity to get you thinking about those who are living in your community and be praying for them. This is perfect to be adapted to create a prayer calendar for the year ahead.

Great for Church services and community

8. “WALKING FOR DAYS” is a character story video perfect for you to use as part of your Christmas service or outreach work. It is a fun retelling of the Christmas Story told from the perspective of the Camel Keeper who took the journey with The Wise Men!

9. “AN EXTRRAORDINARY STORY” is a story telling video resource which tells the whole Christmas story. It is perfect to be used in a church service, outreach or in your children’s work.