Our hope is that this added element to our website will be a place of creative inspiration and a brilliantly useful tool for you too.

I’m writing this to talk you through the easiest and best way for you to use The Creative Resource Hub. So, lets get going!


All our resources will be divided into different collections- These are a group of resources that come under one theme or banner. On launch we will have two collections available for you right away-

CHRISTMAS COLLECTION– This does what it says on the tin… all these resources will help you and your community to connect during the festive season.

NIMBUS STORY– This will be our ever added to library of story and monologue videos of stories from The Bible.

By searching by Collection you will be able to b lead straight to the topic of resource you are looking for!


Another way for you to browse the different resources available in the Creative Resource Hub is by Category. There are 4 different Categories that a resource may be divided into to help you realise the purpose of the creative resource. These Categories are as follows:

EXPLORE– Step outside and explore God’s epic creation with these creative prompts to spark your imagination.  

CREATE– Get practical with interactive workshops and creative ideas for you and your family to enjoy.  

DISCOVER– Dive into The Bible with storytelling videos and explore scripture interactively. 

CONNECT– Pause and tune in with these creative prayer prompts and imaginative ways of connecting with God. 


You can also filter down the resources into the Context in which you may use them. This may be in schools, as part of your church service, as a way of connecting with your community or for you to connect as an individual with God. Although all resources can be streamed down to be given a context, quite often a resource can span across many settings and be adapted for multiple use.


Finally, If you simply click onto the Creative Resource Hub you will get all the resources at your fingertips in one place! This is a perfect way to browse and have a look at what is available!

Once you click onto an individual resource you will be given more information about content, timings and suitability for age and group size!

So, I hope that we have made it as simple as possible for you to mooch through the Resource Hub to your hearts content! However, I think my biggest hope and prayer is that this Creative Resource Hub will be a blessing to you, will help you to dream big and realise that you are made by the Creator God for a creative purpose!

Enjoy browsing and do let us know how you get on!

Martha x