Beaming sunshine, sandy sandwiches, long days and laughter filled nights. Summer can be a time of great joy and fun, where we spend time with friends and have the opportunity to step outside on warm evenings for beautiful walks.

And breath…

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love exploring new parts of nature in these warmer months. Finding a new path in a woods near by and being the first to tread overgrown ground or simply dipping my hot feet into cool water on a warm day. Whatever I am doing, that sense of being among creation never fails to fill my heart and my creative mind.

Connecting with God creatively through nature…

This Summer season we will be exploring how we can connect with God as we step into the great outdoors. Over the next few weeks we will be diving into different elements of nature through prayer and creativity to help us to connect with our Maker in practical ways.

So, what will this look like…?

Each week there will be a new creative prayer resource launched on the Nimbus Collective Creative Resource Hub, Creative ideas to inspire you in your own creativity on our social media and opportunities to share your own discoveries with us!

Get involved…!

Keep an eye open on Nimbus Collective social media platforms (Instagram and Facebook) to find out the latest launches each week, for lives from the team to spark your creativity and for practical ideas to inspire you to DO!

I am SO excited about spending this Summer in Nature with you! I hope you are up for joining me!

Love Martha x